epic playlists 


I take finding the most epic sunset in Spain and the tastiest cake in Scotland very serious. I cross reference recommendations with intuition, local insight, travel experts, + reliable crowd-sourcing apps.

I did the (delightful) work, so go... Enjoy. (+ contribute!)


Instagram is the best way to get some instant doses of love.  I post quick pics of my places + people I love, yummies, groovy moments, art, and minute yoga flows. Follow me, boo. 


Soundcloud is a perfect way to get some serious doses of sound love... I follow some amazing (many unknown) artists, I make lots of sweet playlists, and I tend to dig pretty sweet music. Get in on this.


There was a time I would have said Tumblr was my prefect boyfriend. Epic photos of sick places, groovy quotes, lotssss of love. I post some original content and I find curating (tumbling) the profound work of others an enriching practice. I discover what I'm drawn to, vibeing with, and all that I find true + beautiful. Feel it with me. 


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