The Art of Wild Daydreaming



Whoever told you to stop daydreaming obviously didn't know it's power, or how to harness it.

After this fun journal sesh, you will. 

AND, you will immediately start enjoying the nectar of your wildest dreams.

You deserve it.




Not only is daydreaming super fun, daydreaming may be one of the most powerful tools to craft and manifest the grooviest life you can imagine. This process also reveals your subconscious passions, values, and drives.

This epic sesh will give you:

  • a delicious moment for yourself 
  • insight into your wildest dreams
  • a deep + honest clarity of your life values
  • a process to start enjoying the gravy your wildest dreams, literally this instant and
  • the courage + process to begin the epic unfolding of your wonderful + wild dreams 

T o start... Get your

  1. favorite pen(s)
  2. some blank paper
  3. a cup of tea (optional)

                   + let's make some magic ;)  


Once your sweet space is set up with your blank paper + inspiring pen(s), leave you devices somewhere else, and let your people know you are taking 30 minutes to yourself. 

Breathe. Focus on three breaths, let yourself know you are totally safe and about to embark on an epic journey in which you get to live out your wildest dreams and fantasies. Everything is acceptable, nothing is wrong, and you allowed to get crazy, dream big, and have fun in this process. 

Do you remember being a carefree kid, getting inspired, dreaming big?

So fun.

I would "skate" around my kitchen in socks after seeing Olympic figure skaters on TV. I would glide around, imagining which song I would triple axle to. I felt optimistic about my career and certain the judges would love my song choice. What did you dream about? You don't need to write this down... Just remember. Like me, most likely an adult or society came along and encouraged or dampened your dream based on "reality" - which was really just their experience, fears, projections. Good news, for this experience, there are zero adults who think they know better. They are all leading boring + reasonable adult lives on an island somewhere. 

In fact, the world is your oyster. You have unlimited time, no restrictions, all the resources you want, and you just won the lottery! Sweet! Reconnect with that sense of "I can do whatever I want and I'm never going to die" vibe of your teenage years (or early 20s) that most likely followed an extra strong espresso. 

Now, ask yourself,  "WHAT ARE MY WILDEST DREAMS?"



Let each dream run wild + write them down

As fun ideas pop into your awareness, let 'em roll. You want to own your home? Groovy. What will it feel like? Smell like? What makes it so amazing? Is the dinning room table so big all your family and friends can enjoy your cooking? Or is it so small, simple, and sustainable that you feel at one with the environment all around it? 

It's ALL good, it's all valuable, and it's all allowed. Let it rip. 

 Bad ass surfer. Yo. 

Bad ass surfer. Yo. 

Enjoy each dream, get details, get down to the juice of it. And anytime an inner "all-knowing" adult pops up to ruin the fun - thank them for their love and concern and send them off to the island to enjoy a mediocre martini.

If you follow a dream down a rabbit hole and it doesn't feel right, tweak the details until it feels just right, or if you discover it just doesn't spark you up, cool. Let it go. It may be someone else's dream for you, or a dream you no longer vibe with.

Go back to the lottery winnings in your hand and a crew of cheering people who have all the resources in the world and just want to help you make your dreams come true.


 I can just taste the salt water now.

I can just taste the salt water now.


Dream by dream, consider what value the dream holds. 

The values inherent in my early love of figure skating were: grace, flow, being one with my body, movement, beauty, effortless synchronicity. Beautiful values. 

It's always been my ultimate dream to one day own a wildlife sanctuary; values = nurturing, connection with animals, nature, belonging, safety, environmental protection.

Near each of your dreams, write the values you feel it holds.




Enjoy checking out the page of your current values... Any surprises? Any patterns?

Make a list of your current values. You can group them by association as well. 









And tomorrow.

And next Tuesday! Yayyyyyy!

For each value, jot down some bite-sized ideas of things you can do in line with that value, in your present life, in the next hour, and next weekend, on the way to work, all while still engaged with the life and responsibilities you currently serve.

i.e. ADVENTURE = run in a new park, try taking the bus to work tomorrow instead of driving


This is not to say you can't quit your current job, or dive head first into becoming a world-renown fiddle player. If fact, I totally think you should. But, until you get your ducks in a row, find someone to buy your house, polish your skills, and find the perfect manager, you can start living out your wildest dreams NOW.

If what you value about being a rockstar fiddle player is the magic of music, the joy of sharing your gift, the adventure of being on tour, the deep roots and culture of the instrument... How can you get your fuel now? Maybe it's making a spotify mix for your sister, playing some open mics in the neighboring towns you've never visited, reading a rich book on the history of bluegrass, and finding some wild hippies to jam with. Be fearless, open, and savor the everyday magic your values already reside in. 

You may find your new blossoming life as the local fiddle master fills you up enough and your kids can stay in private school. You may find managing a few trips alone on public transport clarifies that you'd rather not solo backpack Europe by yourself. Amazing. It's allllll good. Now you get to birth new and more exciting dreams more in line with you. 

OR, you may find your new mini-fun-sized pursuits amplify the draw and excitement for the big, grand, masterplan dream.

Sweet. Soon, I'll tell you how to start chasing her down. 


For now, make (and savor) the everyday magic. It will awe and surprise you. And, if you're on the Law of Attraction band wagon, infusing your days with your true values will powerfully tune you to the vibration frequency of making the grand dreams manifest. Here's a big key: when you're playing with a value, and enjoying it in the moment, you can think "wow, here I am, in my backyard, literally living the stuff my wildest dreams are made of." Pretty groovy :)


Ready for the big time? OK.




And let's make it happen. 

In her game-changing book You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life Jen Sincero expands on this idea tremendously (in chapter 12), and I highly recommend the whole book. She recalls the teenage fearless capacity to just try things. "I don't how to be a rockstar or even play guitar, but, let's start a band!" Many failures can follow but teenage rebelliousness can often push through those barriers. Harness that tenacity and blind-ambition. You may not know how to use a monkey wrench, but want to rebuild an old Chevy truck. Go for it. If you're passionate enough, you'll learn how once that gleaming greasy engine is in front of your eyes. Or, if you ultimately crash and burn and decide the dream really isn't for you, amazing, you lived the question and that is invaluable.

Sincero suggests going after things with the attitude many of us did before we were jaded by haters and adulthood. "Just see what you can get away with." Ditching excuses or seemingly logical reasoning like not even knowing how to play fiddle, she encourages that we have a new approach, "I just wanna see if I can..." 

 Dare accepted. I just wanna see if I can travel the world, doing all these epic things, being me.  ;)  Yewwwwwwww!!! 

Dare accepted. I just wanna see if I can travel the world, doing all these epic things, being me.  ;)  Yewwwwwwww!!! 

As I write this, I am living these personal dares: I just wanna see if I can buy, clean up, fix, and live on a sailboat. (I sailed once when I was 6 years old.) I just wanna see if I can get sponsored as a passionate blogger/traveler/all-around-bad-ass. I just wanna see if I can make enough money to get out of debt, enjoy life, and save up to travel the world.

This past summer I just wanted to see if I could travel to 12 countries, in 6 weeks, by myself. Turns out I could. And I did. In college I just wanted to see if I could be a Reggae DJ. Yep. Still am... and I have opened for almost all the Marleys. Glad I accepted that dare! It's a really cool part of my life.

DARE YOURSELF. Choose one wild dream. 




Make a list of bite-sized inspired action (based on the following questions:)

How will I get stoked? What related activities will fire me up? Make a pinterest board, vision collage, a more focused day dream sesh, read a magazine about your craft, buy the first tool for your shed, pay the first bill, clean out one corner of the garage. Something you can do in 30 minutes to an hour. Let it be the first thing on your list, and let these fueling activities appear frequently on future action wanna-do lists.

Where will I get stoked? What environments bring you a natural high? The buzz of a coffee shop? Your rooftop? The local community garden? Do whatever you can there. Bonus points if it's in line with your values. 

Who will get me stoked? We are not islands, and no matter how strong our hater-shades are, we need the love of comrades and cheerleaders, and we need to avoid discussing our valuable dreams with dream-drainers (most of them mean well, and it's really not about you or your dream anyway, its about them and their fears). Unfortunately, most people do not radically charge their dreams and will think you have lost it for charging yours. It's not normal, it freaks people out. Don't worry about them. Make a list of people who pump you up and believe in you, and use them as people to bounce ideas off or who you call when you need a boost. You may even want to partner with them, especially if they have skill sets in the areas you don't. Tell them how much they mean to you. Put check-ins, coffees, and calls with them on your list.

What do I know? Now? You might not know how your dream will manifest or what exactly needs to happen to make it real, but you can start to take immediate action. Ask your self, "what do I know?" You might not know how to play fiddle, but you know one fiddle player's email. Perfect. Today: email that one fiddle player. As you do the things you do know, more of the path will be revealed, often the blanks effortlessly fill themselves in. 

For me, I don't know where I want to travel with real clarity, how I will get there, how I am going to afford to, how to get sponsors, etc. There's a lot I do not know about my wild dream... 

I do know that daydreaming a list of possible destinations and ways I might be able to travel the world, while soaking in the sun, at my local beach, with an iced chai in hand, and my best Lindsay on speed dial sounds like a blast. Not only that, it's in line with many of my values AND I am going to get totally fired up about my impending adventure. Just that step puts me on the path, offers clarity, and, in the end, is the adventure itself. 


Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.
— Rainer Maria Rilke

I choose the joy, uncertainly, and vivid splendor that steeps a life made of living the questions. It's full of stumbles, and failures, and scary moments. It's full of unexpected and aweinpsiring victories and surprises. 

It's rich.

It's rare. 

and, it's wild.

Kyle Mercer, of the Inquiry Method, offers a retreat called the Freedom Experience, which includes an exercise that inspired the heart of this daydreaming process. He's amazing. Go.

When discussing this article with him, he reminded me that the journey on the path to the wild dream is the actual gold.

The sight a top the mountain will be spectacular, just don't miss the epic hike all the way up. ;)

What are your wildest dreams?