Lessons from 6 Weeks of Solo Travel



Tonight marks the last night of my 6 week solo travel experience.

It's been amazing.


But, it hasn't been easy.

I have seen such beauty in the world, in nature, culture, in lovely human beings I have been honored to get to meet + know.

That has been the easy part.


Being w/ me and traveling by myself for six weeks has been the most extraordinary challenge of my entire life.

The things I have struggled with my whole life not only came along for the ride, they were more vivid and real and present for the adventure.


The only remedy I have found is to consistently attempt to see + love on myself, an incredible partner in crime. And, why this is such a challenge, I do not know.

Here's what I do know and love and have learned about myself =

I am very open + loving. Most people seem to be really surprised + taken by me

I break down when I'm tired, or miss a flight, or am scolded for using the Norwegian waffle machine wrong

I cry often. I want someone to hold me and tell me to take a nap on their lap, that they will figure out the next train connection


I'm funny, and quite bright, and see things many people don't. And sometimes it's a problem

My first reaction is to look outside myself for validation + self worth. And, that's a really hard habit to break









I'm strong, carried myself and my bags across a continent, in and out of so many buses and trains, + up so many Parisian floors

I am capable of incredible things I didn't know I could do. Like running up mountains, making friends at pubs I walked into alone, and getting myself from point A to point B, over and over again


I'm brave beyond belief, and do things that risk my heart because I believe in love + really living this life

My willpower is (almost) nonexistent









I am considerate. I had my doubts. But I really am, and it's genuine

I love this world, it totally loves me back, + trips me up when I need it

I miss the movies and being with friends and family who know me well

I love traveling alone, I enjoy being with myself and experiencing things with just me. It's powerful and potent and has invaluable offerings, but it is not easy.